Be impressed by stunningly beautiful art nouveau style.


If you have a passion for architecture especially Art Nouveau, this tour is definitely for you.

Most of Budapest’s landscape was shaped in the second half of the 19th/ beginning of the 20th century. This was the time when Budapest grew from a small town to a great metropolis. Art Nouveau features as a prominent style of this period stretching till 1914.

After the Compromise with the Austrians in the second half of the 19th century, which secured a degree of autonomy for Hungary within the Dual Monarchy, many artists, architects and designers wanted to form a cultural identity and embraced the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau as a style always provokes a reaction and it is impossible to remain indifferent. Art Nouveau architects shared a vision of modern and revolutionary style, giving more emphasis on the ornaments and decorations and using new materials. The style is considered by many to be stunningly beautiful, with shimmering colours and imaginative forms, while others find it the height of bad taste.
The “father” of modern Hungarian architecture, Ödön Lechner, wanted to “Shape a new age in art, to give birth to a new style.” Although Lechner’s works in their uniqueness don’t resemble those of the Catalan master’s he has been tagged the Hungarian Gaudí.

Budapest’s architecture provides a lasting and vibrant record of Art Nouveau. During the tour we will visit some of the most beautiful examples of this style like the Postal Savings bank, Gresham Palace, Bedő house – House of the Hungarian Art Nouveau or the Museum of Applied Arts, Institute of Geology but I will show some of the hidden treasures as will, you will have the opportunity to visit wonderful art nouveau apartment buildings from inside as well (which are not listed in any guidebook).


  • 4 hours
  • walking tour
  • 1 – 5 person
  • 140 USD

** if you have a bigger group ask for our special offer

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