Everything you need to know for your next trip.


Buses run every half hour, starting from 5 am in the morning to midnight and connect the airport with the city center. A single ticket is 1500 HUF.
Airport Minibus offers a shared ride to any address in the city. A one-way trip to the city center is HUF 2,990 per person and a return ticket cost HUF 4,990.
Fotaxi is the officially appointed taxi company to service the airport. They offer competitive zone-based rates which is between HUF 3900-5900. But I can also pick you up at the airport if you want. Feel free to ask me about the details.
Budapest has an excellent public transport system. There are 3 metro lines, frequent streetcars, buses and trolley buses. Single ticket cost 320 HUF for (~ 1,5 USD or ~ 1,1 EUR ) one jurney without change, except between the metro lines while a day pass cost 1550 HUF (~ 7 USD ~ 5,5 EUR). Tickets must be bought before boarding and has to be validated before starting your trip.


Our currency is the Hungarian Forint – HUF. There are several options to exchange money, the arrival locations are usually more expensive (airport, railway stations)
Hungary is in the Central European Time Zone: GMT+1 hour. Summer time (March to the middle of October): GMT+2hours.