Visit scenic towns of Szentendre, Esztergom, Visegrád.


Explore the beautiful Danube Bend and visit some historical towns!

If you stay a bit longer in Hungary you may have time for an excursion to the country side as well.
I have an option for you. If you like nature and visiting some historical towns I suggest you to visit the Danube Bend. This is one of the most scenic part of the country where the Danube is forced between the mountains to turn sharply to the south. There are three beautiful historical towns in an amazing natural environment.

During this tour we visit

Esztergom – today is a small town but it  played an important role in the establishment of the Hungarian state 1000 years ago, the town where you can fing the largest Roman catholic church of Hungary, from its dome you can have an amazing view on the town and a part of the Danube bend

Visegrád – where we can visit the royal palace or the Citadel with another, probably the best view of the Danube bend and have  lunch on another hill with a great  view of the citadel

Szentendre – we visit this picturesque town which often called as Artists’ Village – since a lot of artist moved there, that’s why it has a special atmosphere- but its also famous for its history and  several churches which churches make the town unique as well (we can visit one of the Serbian Orthodox one if you want). Lots of cafes, galleries, restaurants, wine cellars, small walking streets and very friendly atmosphere makes your trip memorable here.


  • 8 hours
  • car tour
  • 1 – 5 person
  • 450 USD

** if you have a bigger group ask for our special offer

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