Dive into a cultural capital of Europe in 2010.


Pécs – the cultural capital of Europe in 2010 – is a city of churches, little squares and is ideal for those into history and wine.

Pécs lies in the Hungarian southwest, not far from the Croation border at the foot of the Mecsek mountains, radiates a bit Mediterranean atmosphere due to its climate and its pleasant atmosphere of restaurants and coffee houses and narrow, rambling streets. With its rich cultural life, theater, museums and festivals, the town is a significant cultural center of the region. Pécs is a city of churches and squares and is ideal for those into history and wine. A Turkish presence is all around, with the Gazi Kasim Mosque in the main square being the most prominent building. Under Turkish occupation, the city changed radically. Most churches got converted and Islamic architecture flourished. We can visit the ruins of Memi Pasa’s Baths, the Minaret in the Jakovali Hassan mosque, and the mausoleum of Idris Baba as well. Other highlights include the 11th century cathedral and Roman remains. Pécs was called Sopianae in Roman times. It was an important centre of early Christendom. The necropolis consisting of 16 buildings is a unique architectural ensemble of the 4th century, and UNESCO recognised its special value in 2000 by making it part of World Heritage. Pécs is a place of many attractions: next to the enigmatic Roman age tombs, domed Turkish mosques, a slim minaret, we can also visit the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory which has been established since 1853 and it is one of the most unique porcelain factories in the world today. We can alsi visit the Zsolnay Quarter a new cultural center of the town. We can see the fantastic paintings of Csontváry, decorative patterns of Vasarely, almond trees blossoming in early spring. This 2000-year-old city at the southern foot of Mecsek Hills, with its special climate and atmosphere feature the city’s vineyards and best scope for wine tasting as well.


  • 10-11 hours
  • car tour
  • 1 – 5 person
  • 575 USD

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