Wine tour to Lake Balaton wine region.


The wines produced around Lake Balaton own a special character. This region boast not only with excellent quality wines but beautiful landscape. The basalt slopes rising on the northern shore of Lake Balaton offer the pleasant combination of breathtaking view and delicious local wines. Many artists and scientists devoted their works to the spell of the scenery and it may not be by chance that the wine of Badacsony was called the “nectar of gods”. Whites dominate the wine scale produced on the volcanic hills of Szt György, Gulács, Csobánc and Tóti. The colour of wines are an excellent blend of yellow and green the sight of which makes you want to taste it right away.
Climate:consolidated, with sub-mediterranean character, lot of sunshine, sheltered from northern wind.

Grape variesties
Italian Riesling: most wide-spread – mild, soft acid, resembling bitter almonds in bouquet. Szürkebarát(Pinot Gris) and a local variety Kéknyelű are the cream of the crop wines in the Badacsony wine region. Discreet with spicy bouquet and noble elegance. Ottonel Muscat – fine Muscat aroma, warming, sometimes mild, poorly acidic.


This wine region is divided into two wine producing regions. The wines of Balatonfüred are full-bodied, more warming, their alcohol contents is higher – while the wines of Csopak are more modest, lighter, slimmer, and they are richer in fragrance and bouquet. The combination of the healing watersand the winesmake Balatonfüred a popular tourist destinationall over the world.People travel here to pet themselves from both outside and inside. The sparkling carbonic medical water, the unique climate – beneficial for those suffering from heart diseases and the strength of fine white wine do their best. The rich, earthy aroma of the Balatonfüred-Csopaki wines is attributed to the red soil characteristic of this region.
Climate: a lot of sunshine, weather serving vine production.

Grape variesties
Italian Riesling – riches its full potential in this wine region. Its fine bouquetand the bitterish taste resembling almondare unmatched. After several years enriched with a secondary bouquet of plum smell. Furmint – fine fragrance, rich in acids, high sugar content. Rieslingszilváni – pleasant, intensive fragrance, mild, rich bouquet.


  • 9 – 10 hours
  • car tour
  • 1 – 5 person
  • from 530 USD

** if you have a bigger group ask for our special offer

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